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Try These. You won't be Disappointed.

Before I moved to Amarillo from the more humid climate of the Dallas area, I didn't have any wrinkles.

Of course, I was 25, then. But I maintain that one of the reasons I have more wrinkles and dry skin is not because I'm eleven years older now, but because the climate here is so very, very arid. It's dry, y'all. We have a celebration when it rains, which it did last night. I did a little dance and stood on the back porch watching it for about 20 minutes. Good times.

But I digress. I preface with the wrinkle/old whining because I'm doing another one of those "Things I Can't Live Without" Product endorsement posts.

First off, BURT'S BEES. Who, having tried the products, does not love Burt's Bees?

I've tried a lot of hand creams in my day (Oh, Lord, I sound like my Granny), but I discovered this particular one when I was doing dishes over at my Mother-in-law's house. The woman has hot water. No, I mean HOT. Like the seventeenth-level-of Hades- it-makes-the-Devil-sweat this water's so hot. It's heck on hands, let me tell ya.

When I got finished, like the dutiful daughter-in-law that I am, my already dry and cracking cuticles were beyond hope, so my Father-in-law hands me a little pot of hand cream. Now normally, FIL's and my taste do not run in the same channels, if you'll pardon my mixed metaphor. But this cute little pot of hand creme smelled like almonds (cherry, sort of) and although a bit greasy at first, soaked into my skin, nails and cuticles and improved the quality of the skin on my hands in seconds. It's miracle stuff. I want to fill up a bathtub and just wallow in it, it's that good.

Now that paints quite the picture, doesn't it?

Onto other parts of the body, my husband used Chapstick for years (pththththtt - the taste of that stuff is just GROSS) but when I let him use my Beeswax Lip Balm, he stole it out of my purse and has never looked back to regular old "lip ice," as he calls it.

Gah, he's such a hick.

I adore him.

The lip balm also comes in a cute little tin that I keep on my bedside table. Nolan won't use that. He says that's too girly. Plus, he doesn't want the lip stuff on his fingers. I say... whatever.

I've also used their lip gloss (in Nutmeg), but it doesn't stay on as well as lipstick, which I am NEVER without. Ever, ever, ever. But I used the lip gloss at the pool yesterday. So there's that.

Speaking of Lipstick, I went on a buying spree and tried several different kids at my neighborhood drug store. Yes, I have some expensive makeup, but there's something satisfying about walking into a Walgreens and walking out with the ingredients of a new look. Cheap fun. Here goes:

The first one I tried was L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick. It comes in a cute compact, but that's where my love affair ended. It's two steps to put on, having to wait several minutes between the two for optimum results, and very soon after, my lips felt gravelly, as if the pigment was balling up. Uncool. The color did stay on, in fact, I had to buy some makeup remover to get it off, as soap and water didn't seem to do the trick. I still use it occasionally, but for the $12 price tag, does not make me feel warm and fuzzy when I wear it. Mostly I just feel irritated. I also bought the L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss, which runs along the same vein. It's sticky. Sticky lips=Not good. Not exciting. Good name for a punk band, though. If I ever start a punk band (doubtful), I call dibs on Sticky Lips. In addition to the infallibles, which weren't, I got some of the Endless Lipcolour in Chocolate Obsession and Extreme Spice. I like this very much. In fact, it happens to be my favorite at the moment. But my favorite changes like a plastic grocery bag on the breeze, so ...

The Infallible eyeliner? REALLY good stuff.

Rimmel London also makes a Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick that I ADORE. I can't always find Brazillian, which is my favorite shade, so that's disappointing. But it smells great. Why is it important for lipstick to smell good? Oh, honey, if you have to ask...

For your tootsies (I am channeling my father's relatives today. That was my Aunt, I think), my very fave thing ever is to go to Q-Nails by Target and get a pedi. It's $25 and you've never met people who work harder to make your feet pretty. But if you don't have that to blow, or can't afford the airfare, I like Badger Foot Balm. It makes your cracked, dry feet smooth and a delight to look at in a pair of flip flops. Important stuff, that.

Last but very definitely not least, is moisturizer. For an all-over body lotion, I'll use just about anything, (Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works) but the older I get, the more I wished I'd paid attention to my mother when I was younger and worn SUNSCREEN. Every damn day. I have fricking AGE SPOTS on the backs of my hands and even a few on my arms. Right now, they aren't more than large-ish freckles, but they weren't always there, and they only seem to be getting bigger. I. AM. NOT. AMUSED. So I've started putting Anti-Wrinkle Oil of Olay with SPF 15 on my face, chest, neck and arms daily. My skin has improved from that, and due to the fact that I take minocycline once a day, and Ziana as needed. For the first time in my life I have absolutely NO blemishes. It's LOVELY.

I also use this. My word, I'm vain.

In non-vanity related products, I've fallen in love with WoodWick candles. They smell GREAT, and they sound like a crackling fire as they burn. Nifty.

So that's it. What's your favorite beauty Product? Other product? Thing you absolutely cannot live without? Share! I want to know!
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