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A tale of two cups

If you're a boy, you can stop reading now.

You've been warned.

Okay. Don't say I didn't tell you to turn back.

My mother is perhaps one of the most generous people that I know. She always gives thoughtful gifts, things that she knows that I'll like, and she always brings me presents when she visits: a pound of coffee, good chocolate, sometimes clothes. But one of the things that I love that she does is when she brings me stuff that she's bought for herself that she ends up not liking, or it doesn't fit her right. I've gotten loads of shirts and a few skirts, lipsticks, perfumes, a few pieces of jewelry, etc. It's fun!

So last fall before we went on our cruise and she came to stay with the boys, I really didn't think anything of it when she brought me a bra. We almost wear the same size, and I thought it was just one of her cast offs. And let me just tell you, that this bra is life changing. It's really, really comfortable, has tons of support without an horrific under wire (See, you boys that are still reading? I told you to turn back.) and gives the girls some of their pep back. I love this bra. Love it. And it didn't have any tags at all on it, so before we left, I asked mom, "Where did you get this thing? It's fantastic. I want five more just like it!"

She kind of hedged the answer and was evasive, which is unlike mom. I figured it was perhaps custom made, and she was hacked off about how much money she'd blown on something that didn't fit her.

So a few months passed, and I forgot about it, and she forgot about it, until one of the last times she was visiting. I got her under my thumb and asked again, "Remember that great black bra you gave me? Where did you get it?"

Mom gets this sheepish look on her face and answers, "At the park."

For a split second I'm thinking, 'Were they having some sort of sample sale at the park?' until I realized, She found it at the park. Walking her dog.

My beloved favorite bra of all time, the one that leaves no line under a t-shirt and actually makes me forget I'm wearing one of those torture devices, was probably cast off by some woman getting some action in the middle of River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas.

Mom saw my expression and got indignant. "Well, I washed it," she said challengingly.


So, there you have it. My favorite foundation garment, the one that makes me smile when I pull it out of the clean laundry pile (Because it never makes it into the drawer, I wear it so often) is someone else's cast off. Doesn't stop me from wearing it. It's that fabulous. In fact, I've though about beating the bushes at the park near her house to look the girl from whom it came, because really? I want another one! And seriously? How many of YOUR bras have a story attached (that you can tell in public)?

Oh, and speaking of bras, check this out. Would you wear a bra that pushes your d-cups up and out when your temperature rises? I... think that's a bad idea, personally. But that's coming from a girl who wears hand-me-downs from a unknown park tramp. :)
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