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Theatrical Picture Dump

These are some pics that I finally got around to scanning.

It's super image intensive and stuff under the cut.

"Blanche" from Brighton Beach Memoirs, by Neil Simon in January of 2003. On the right is Terry Robertson Baker, who is all grown up and is an actress in L.A., now. Horribly unflattering picture. Good acting, though. :D

I'm guessing this would be ten years earlier, ca. 1993. "Sophia" in the production of "Fools," by Neil Simon (again!) with Andrew Wheeler.

1995 - Much Ado About Nothing - by William Shakepeare. Benedick (Steven Cashion) and Beatrice (me),

2003 - The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde - "Gwendolyn". This is that Act III pic that I was talking about, Nicole. Complete and utter boredom.

I'm guessing this is sometime in 1994? Sex Drugs, and Rock and Roll, by Eric Begosian. I was "Candy," the bored phone sex operator.

More from Brighton Beach Memoirs. We actually had to eat dinner at that table every night. We played a Jewish family, and yet every night they served ham and there was bacon in the green beans. I don't know if the prop girl had a sense of humor or not, I never thought to ask.

More from Earnest. I DUG my costumes in that show. I was corseted and everything. :D ROCKIN' hat.


And this is an unfinished sketch of my family by alittleredhood.
Tags: acting, costumes, narcissism, picture, plays, theatre

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