Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

In Honor of Mothers Day Weekend...

Everyone has a mother, or perhaps a mother figure in their lives. I'm grateful to my own mom, whom I've grown closer to as the years go by. My mom didn't teach me a lot of things, but I've managed to emulate her talents nonetheless; she's a fabulous cook, and she's a better seamstress than I'll ever be. We're also opposites in lots of ways. Where her home might be cluttered, it's always CLEAN, and mine is most often the other way around. The best thing about my mom? She's an awesome grandmother to my boys and I love watching them love her.

I remember lots of things about Mom, whose name is Carolyn, by the way. Isn't that a pretty name?

Anyhow, some stories...I grew up in the Dallas area, and even as a small child I remember being in the backseat of the car, driving around for hours, asking her, "Are you lost again?" ( a similarity between us.) Or her being a PTA president when I was in the second grade, or being a room mother in my class. When I was very young, I remember going to class with her (she taught fourth grade) and wanting to be one of her students. (I am a teacher.) In later years, when I was fifteen and difficult, she gave me nuggets of invaluable advice: "Pretty is as pretty does," and "Whiners leave," (I use that one a lot) "Pain for Beauty," and "No one likes a navel gazer." (Do you see a theme here? I guess I was pretty self-involved as a young woman.) She also pointed out that sometimes I was nicer to total strangers than I was to my own family (and to reconsider that), and that I should think of others before I considered my own wants. (I'd beat my kids over the head with this one if I thought it would make it sink in better.) She also loved me, reassured me, dried my many tears and stayed with me though countless illnesses, nursed me back to health a hundred times, came and stayed with me after I had my two sons and continues to be a rock when I need her. The cool thing is now? She uses me for that sometimes, too.

Anyway, Mom's leaving on Sunday for NYC and probably won't get the Mother's day gift I sent (*sigh* it'll probably get there on Monday) and I wanted to publicly thank her for being my mom. It was a thankless task at best sometimes, and I appreciate her diligence in raising me right, and for still being there when I need her. (Love you, Mom!)

So, friends! What's your favorite "Mother" story? Either about your own mother or your best moment of being a mother? Tell me, tell me! Share!
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