Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Happy Star Wars Day! *now with bonus story*

So guess what I found this morning when I was cleaning?

It isn't a surprise. I bought this book for the kids a couple of Christmases ago. But as I looked at it, I noticed it was bookmarked in several places.

Which was intriguing.

They bookmarked essential gear that they'd need.

Where are they going? I think to myself.

And why will they need to write things in code When they get there?

At least I know how they're going. In Go-Cart style, baby.

And evidently they're going to make some origami hats...

and water weaponry.

It's all starting to fall into place.

This page is to chart out they're route. *nods*

But here's where they lost me. Coin tricks?

And then suddenly it becomes abundantly clear. My sweet boys are going to become poker-playing coin trick doing card sharks that Go-cart across the United States water-bombing people in code.

Where did I go wrong?
Tags: aaron, cute kid story, ethan

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