Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Shopping, Art & Blueberries


Did some lovely retail therapy this morning...  jeans (Size 8 WOOT!), green sweater, new pyjamas...  pants for the boys (as ALL of theirs have holes in the knee or similar.  How do they DO that?)

I also bought some drawing books, at the recommendation of my sweet Mother.  Drawing on the right side of the brain.  Pfft.  As if I need another hobby.  Gonna give it a shot, though.

I'm going on a women's retreat this weekend that I'm not terribly excited about...  and will be performing (for free :( ) a series of short monologues that I wrote for the occasion. They aren't stellar.  I probably shouldn't want payment for the amount of work I've done preparing for the whole thing.  Will be better than mediocre.  That's the best I can promise.  Meh.

The up side?  Two days away...  
The down side?   With a bunch of women... who aren't always necessarily nice...

I don't normally buy, recommend (or eat) foods that turn my tongue a different color, but I bought Archer Farms yogurt covered blueberries this morning, and have fallen in love.  Get thee to a Target Store and buy them.  You will not be disappointed.  I adore blueberries.  Hands down, favorite fruit.  (of course, they're also the most expensive).  Totally worth the fact that you look like a6 year old with a blue tongue.

We are having dinner with an older gentleman tonight whose wife just recently went into a facility for Alzheimer's.  Sad story.  I don't know how I'd handle it if one day my husband looked at me and didn't have any idea who I was.  This man is fascinating, though, and he & hubby have become quite good friends.  I heartily approve of 80 + year old friends.  No dragging him to football games or bars.  I'm so selfish!

That said, we have a sitter coming tonight, so I must go and clean so she doesn't know I'm a slob.  Hope she doesn't read this.

I'm ready for my Thanksgiving vacation to the east coast!

Happy Thursday!

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