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Continuing Dorkitude. It runs in the family.

So most of you know that I'm a goober.  If you even give my journal entries even a cursory glance, it might hit you that "something's just not right about that Carrie girl."

Well, my husband's a bigger dork than I am.  He plays in a fantasy baseball league (Okay, I don't judge, being as I write non-canon HP fan fiction).  He actually WON the league last season.  But they get on their message board and talk smack about each others pretend teams, their prowess at drafting and so forth, giving each other a hard time as they trade players, etc.

Sort of like a condensed version of LJ...  guy style.  No offense to the two guys on my f-list. :)

Anyway, guys from all walks of life are in his league, and they're all friends.  There are doctors, lawyers, builders, people in construction, and one of them...  well, one of them is the head weatherman Chief Meterologist for one of the local television stations.

I don't know the whys and wherefores, if he lost a bet or what, but evidently this guy (who I won't name in case something like this might make him lose his job) has to say a different word ON AIR to be chosen by that weeks leading scorer in the FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE.  So far this season, the words have been SASQUATCH and LIGHTSABER.  I'm alternately horrified that he's putting his job in jeopardy and giddy with excitement to hear them.

And he's worked them into the weather forecast.  Rather masterfully, I might add.

This weeks word is BAMBOOZLE...  To be said tomorrow night on the 10 o' clock news.

I cannot WAIT.  I'm every bit as much of a dork as my darling husband. :D
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