Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

I'm like a greenhorn pitcher. Kinda ... all over the place.

I've not written much this week, but I've read a few books and an obscene amount of fan fiction, all across a spectrum of fandoms... Narnia, Chuck, Ironman, Supernatural, even That 70's Show, oddly enough.  Some of it was good, some of it was really  good, and some of it was spectacularly horrific.  What reading always does, however, is to make me want to write;  it makes me want to be a better writer so that people don't want to put their eyes out with a rusty spork when they read my work.  (I thought about doing that very thing this afternoon;  It's what made me stop reading today.... Man.  Punctuation?  The proper use of the comma?  I mean, I know I abuse the comma, I do, but really?!)

Had a conversation about girls and girlfriends with the boys.  Turns out that they both like one of the little girls on the street who's a year younger than Ethan and a year older than Aaron.  *blinks*  Deliver me, O Lord, from this burden.  Maybe Jesus can come back before my little boys start to date.  It made me a little hyperventilated just having a casual conversation with them about girls, let alone thinking about when they're sixteen, driving and ruled by their hormones.  YIKES.

Watching Supernatural with the French subtitles is a kick.  There's nothing like Jensen Ackles cocking a pump action shotgun and saying, "Nous avons le travail pour faire."  (We've got work to do.)  I imagined Amelie in the Impala's backseat, furiously transcribing.

I have several ideas for  new stories.  *giggles at all the new bunnies*  *waves*

I might want to sign up for the exchange at pansyxron , but I'm still on the fence.  I have a week to decide.

Wonder of wonders, I actually have a small drive to finish my 2 WIPs.  One of them is done, written out, but only needs to be typed.  How lazy am I?  That's actually one of my least favorite things to do - type up something that's written out in longhand.  :P  Can't STAND it.  And I can't let anyone else do it, because it probably needs to be edited.

Nolan bought our plane tickets for the family Florida vacation this week.  Woo hoo!  Florida in August =Going to fry in the hot sun with the fam.  The boys haven't ever been to the beach, though, so they're excited.

....And I've been dissatisfied, lately.  Disappointed in people, disillusioned by "friends" and frowny in general.  But maybe things will look up, soon. I'm ever hopeful. 

And NBC?  Thinking of cancelling Chuck?  You aren't cool, NBC.  Not cool at all.
Tags: fan fic, people are punks, random, vacation, writing

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