Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

There's no way it'll get done.

Freaking Monday, again.  When did the weekends start getting so short?

To do list :
1.  Finish (and type up)  Women's retreat monologue material
2.  Make November challenge fic for D& not suck (as much)
3.  Revise Chapter 8 of new fan fic
4.  Type up chapter 9 of new Fan fic
5.  Think of Clever Title for above
6.  Work on novel Thursday for 5 uninterrupted hours
7.  Come up with brilliant ending for Enough is Enough  (Hint, hint, Miran)
8.  Fold pile of MOUNTAINOUS laundry on guest bed (It took I hour and 20 minutes)
9.  Iron, so my husband has something to wear to work
10.  Eat less this week
11.  Exersize?
12.  Prepare for playwrighting

Maybe I should revise my list so I can actually get something done.

1.  Post to LJ

Done.  Whew.  I feel accomplished.

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