Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Gullible. Me?

You know I have a penchant for telling cute kid stories.

Well, I think they're cute. Sometimes. Most times.

But they've sort of moved from cute to maddening in the past few months.

As you the reader may or may not know, my husband and I have a very playful relationship. He likes to lurk in corners and surprise me, or trick me into thinking something that's just patently not true. Because really. I'm gullible. I take people at their word.

I know. Shocking.

But in the past, I've tried to do the same to him with varying degrees of results. I need practice on subterfuge. It's not a strength I have. In any case, I digress.

Yesterday, my dinner guests came for dinner 3 hours early, which sort of sent me into a tizzy; but I had to go pick up the boys minutes before they arrived at my house because Aaron has sprained his ankle (long story for another day). Ethan gets in the car, and immediately says, "Mom, I failed the TAKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) test."

Carrie. (thinking WTH!?) You failed it?

Ethan. Yeah. I got a 61. I'll still get to pass to 4th grade, but I have to retake it.

Carrie. ...

Ethan. Think Dad'll be mad?

Carrie. (looks at son as if to say 'that's a given')

At this point, I was floored. Ethan has ALWAYS been a straight A student in reading. He gets top marks on reading and writing. So I launch into test taking skills and re-reading everything before you start answering questions and checking your work, and he assures me, "Yeah, I did all that."

Well, I wasn't going to bring it up in front of our company, but when, last night, in the middle of dinner, Ethan says, "Dad, I have bad news..." I put my fork down.

And braced for the storm that was about to hit the dining room.

So Ethan tells him, and then... nothing. I look at Nolan and silently commend him for not exploding in front of our company, and then I see the smile on his face. At this point, I start frowning.

Carrie. You're happy about his 61?

Nolan. He didn't get a 61.

Ethan. No, I got a 67.

Nolan. (laughs) No, give it up, Ethan. Tell her what you really got.

Ethan. (puffs up) I got a 97!

Evidently, Nolan went to the elementary school and had lunch with Ethan today and they concocted this little ruse especially for me. Hardee har har. The next ten years do not bode well for my sanity OR Nolan's shins remaining bruise free, if this keeps up.

I gotta brush up on my pranking. That's for SURE.

Any suggestions?
Tags: angst, cute husband story, cute kid story, ethan, horrific kid story, karma's a bitch, life is fabulous, my twisted sense of humor, nolan, people are punks

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