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Product Endorsement

I've always been what my mother would call, "a good sleeper."  I sleep hard.  It doesn't matter how much caffeine I have in the afternoon.  I can pound a 44 ounce diet coke from Sonic right before I go to bed, and it doesn't affect me dropping off even the least little bit. I've slept through horrendous thunderstorms.  I go to sleep while Nolan is watching World War Two documentaries (those things are LOUD. Well, and boring). As a child (8), I fell asleep in the theatre during the final battle scene of The Empire Strikes Back ( a story my dad still delights in telling). 

What I'm trying to say is that I've never had an issue with getting 8 hours.  Not even when I had babies!  Yes, they woke me up a LOT, but I was able to go right back to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.  When Nolan and I first married, his snoring (it sounds like he's FAKING it.  That's how loud it is.  Like it's some kind of joke) was so loud I used earplugs, but then I stopped, because I wanted to be able to hear the boys when they cried.

About six months ago, I noticed I was starting to get awakened in the middle of the night, and had a hard time going back to sleep, what with all the husband snorting and dog snuffling.  Plus the click click click of Katie's claws on the hardwood floors.  So I went to Walgreens and bought some earplugs.

Oh, my goodness. *cue hallelujah chorus*

I sleep like the DEAD.  I hear NOTHING.  it is absolutely glorious, the vaccuum of silence that I awaken to.  I cannot give enough effusive adjectives to how fandamntastic these things are.  It's probably breaking one or more of the Ten Commandments, or something.  I, Carrie Leigh, do heartily endorse Quiet Time earplugs for all your sleeping needs.  They are my new favorite thing in all of the world.  :D

Only, make sure you have a really freaking LOUD alarm clock, you guys.  That's all I'm saying.

Tags: product endorsement, sleep deprivation

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