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Introspection shared

Hello, all!

I've been slowly coming down from the craziness of my life for the last two months; luckily, this was the boys' spring break from school and we didn't go anywhere or do anything, so I've done a LOT of sleeping in, some chatting and writing, but not very much.  And I've been miserable about responding to comments on my journal and commenting elsewhere.  Forgive me?  I'll drag myself out of my funk and press on, soon, I promise.

If you've ever been in a play, you know where I'm coming from.  You spend weeks and weeks creating a character, nurturing friendships and character relationships, fine tuning moments on stage to be as real as possible, and then after the last ovation, you pack up your makeup, send out all the costumes to be cleaned and pressed, and strike (take apart) the set that has literally been your home for the last month and a half.  And then you say goodbye to all the people that have been your family, knowing full well that this little microcosm of fantasy will never happen again.  Not with these exact people or with this same dynamic.  *sadface*

It's a little depressing.  Of course this isn't the first, and it's certainly not the last time that I'll feel this way, so rest assured that I'll be fine.  When the little boy playing the lead walked off stage for the last time, we were standing there waiting for curtain call and he threw his arms around my neck and said, "I'm going to miss you so much!"

It's moments like that that I'll treasure forever.

So.  I'm ready to jump back into writing.  I've been giving it a shot.  So bear with me, all you folks that I write with.  I'm trying.  I'm just mourning my loss.

And I'm looking forward to the next part with eager anticipation.  Whatever that part might be.
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