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Show Pictures

Georgie & Ellen (*sigh* Carrie and her cleavage)

Ellen, finding her 15 year old's stash of Porn. ("Well, here's one who eats her vegetables!") Nick, the actor who plays Eddie, says TCB on the magazine stands for 'Totally Catholic Babes.' In reality, what I'm looking at is a dance costume catalogue, thank goodness.

The family around the dinner table

Kind of artsy. I like this one.

Chet and Ellen

The nun collapses. (It's a comedy, folks)

Chet and Ellen

Rudy and Ellen (This kid Joseph, is the most adorable and sweet kid on the planet. I adore him) And LOOK! The dress from hell!

Okay. I swear I'm done posting pictures for a while.

Have a good weekend, everyone. Mom's on her way for a visit, so I'll see you Monday. :D
Tags: acting, picture, theatre

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