Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Happy Birthday, Aaron James!

We had a birthday party for AJ on Saturday. Here's Nolan, talking to the 7 year-old bicycle gang. We had bike races.

And foot races

And then they played touch football. Here's coach trying to explain how the game is played.

What a bunch of goobers.

When we say "touch" football. That seemed to be a relative term.

Ethan in the huddle, trying to WIN.

As the mom and the only girl at the party, I got to lie in the grass and take pictures. It's good to be me.

Decorated dining room

This actually blows spit all over the cake. I'd never considered that til just now.

But look at that face. Who cares if he spit on the cake. He's awesome.

We pinata'd.

And the candy was gathered.

Last night before their PE program.

Ethan's reading it in EARNEST, this time.I had to make him turn off the light last night, and when I went up to wake them up, he was still reading! Harry Potter! Hee! Now I just have to convince him that Draco and Ginny belong together...
Tags: aaron, birthday, d/g, harry potter, picture

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