Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Voice Post

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“Hey guys, it's Carrie again. And I just feel so disconnected from all of you people in my LJ land. Haven't been on line at night in forever. And so I was just calling to say hello and all of the people that write stories with If you want to start a document I will tag in like crazy tomorrow because I'm home all day and all I have to do is wrestle with the dress from hell. So and I'll even post pictures of the dress from hell tomorrow after I get it all finished because - ARGH! I've almost beat it. So yay for that. And... good thing that happened today? I thought I lost $100, a $100 bill, but I found it. So it just turns out that I'm a big giant moron which is not a surprise to anyone. And I'm on my way to rehearsal where we are supposed to have head shots done and so I'm all fixed and pretty which is a relative term, I realize. But for me I look nice and I'm sure after we polka and I am a shrewish wife for 2 hours I will look less lovely. But anyway it's it's fun to have- Oh my gosh! Anyway, I just saw a light post bent over like somebody hit it with a car. So sorry for that interjection. Anyway, sorry, ___ business. I hope you guys have a lovely evening and I will talk to you soon. Goodbye!”

Transcribed by: carrie_leigh

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