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Clever Title


I'm sorry that I haven't been around (has anyone noticed that I haven't been around?) much the past few weeks.  Just a few more and rehearsals will be over and life will go back to normal.

Or as normal as my life ever gets.
Bullet points, because I can't think.
  • Clean my house (No, really.  I mean I have to clean my house, 'cause ugh)
  • Tackle Mt. Laundry  (It is HUGE.  Everest better move over, because our dirty clothes pile is about to take the #1 spot)
  • Get freaking off book for Act II  (I would rather memorize entire pages of passages rather than the little conversational dialogue-y stuff.  I say "Chet!" about 15 million times.  I've started saying it when I go up on my lines, just because odds are, that that's the one I've missed.)
  • Fixed that blasted dress  (I'm close.  Really, really close.)
  • Stay on my diet (Nothing gives incentive like being humiliated by clothing)
  • Something else, I'm sure
I have a funeral to attend tomorrow morning.  I really, really don't like funerals.
Tags: costumes, moodiness, rehearsal, to do list, you can set a watch by my bad moods

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