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Mommy Hell

I came home from my valentine vacation to a VERY sick six year-old. Aaron has the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis and strep - seriously, what doesn't he have? He's not a good medicine taker, either. In everything else he's obediently compliant, but with medicine, he turns into the anti-Aaron. It is not pretty.

At least he has his grandpa to cuddle with him. My dad is here. The boys call him "Papa Jim" and he brought a bunch of movies, thankfully. And curling up on the couch with A.J. is about Papa Jim's speed.

Rehearsal last night went alright, much better than I expected, actually. Tonight is the last scene of Act I and Act II which I haven't had as much work on, so... eek.

Nolan gets in at 10:10 tonight, so I'll be going to fetch him after my rehearsal.

Hope all you people are flu-free.

Tags: aaron, parenting, rehearsal, sleep deprivation
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