Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Home again, home again...

Nolan and I have had a nice time in Austin, but as always, after about 4 days away from home, I start getting ready to sleep in my own bed and have my own shower... It's not that the hotel isn't nice, it's just not HOME.

We saw Fanboys at the Alamo Drafthouse. I love eating and drinking during a movie. Glass of red wine? Check. It made the film a little funnier, I think. It wasn't too cerebral, and I certainly didn't have to think about it, much. I think I was relieved that I didn't get some of the more obscure Star Wars jokes. Won't need to see it again. :)

I get in at Amarillo International at 4 something, and my dad (who is coming for a visit 'til Friday) gets in at 5:30, and then I have rehearsal at 7:30, for which I'm supposed to be memorized for Act I.

Am I?

No. Not entirely.

But I have airports and plane rides and about 9 hours between now and then, so keep your fingers crossed.

Except I have to be memorized for Act II tomorrow. *thunk* <--My head hitting the desk. (It was a lot easier to memorize a hundred pages of dialogue before I had kids.)
Tags: dad, movie, nolan, rehearsal, vacation

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