Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Happy, happy.

Valentine's day. Freaking commercialized, you know?

Luckily, my husband and I love each other the other 364 days of the year, too, so Valentine's day isn't a shock to our system.

Nolan decided to take me to Austin for the weekend. That was shock number one. Shock number two was when he got up early and made blueberry scones (for which he did the ingredient shopping).

If my jaw hasn't already hit the floor, he also got me a PRESENT. Mr. I-don't-believe-in-the-greeting-card-holidays-valentines-is-fascist guy got me two charms for my Pandora bracelet. :D

The ghost! How cute!

And the snake! Very Slytherin, yeah?

I love them. They're freaking adorable.

And then we had dinner here at Sampaino’s, a brazillian restaurant. I had a filet mignon with fingerling potatoes and asparagus, an escargot starter and creme brulee for desert. It was incredibly delicious. Nolan had a coffee encrusted pork tenderloin that was mouthwatering. And we shared a bottle of wine - An Argentinian Cabernet. (a 2006 Graffigna?) Peppery and blackberry-y. It was very good.

'Til I gesticulated a bit to effusively and knocked my wine glass over and broke it.

Have another, Carrie Leigh.

Tomorrow we're going to the movies. Maybe TWO movies. Because I STILL haven't seen Twilight.

I know, I know.

The most EXCITING part??? We're going to sleep in. *glee*
Tags: food, gifts, movie, vacation
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