Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Three Things:

1.  I FINALLY got to the post office yesterday, with my stacks of prizes to be mailed the the Haiku contest winners, runners up, and honorable mentions.  So if you're one of those girls, keep an eye on the mailbox for a manilla envelope.  :)  The only people who haven't given me their address and therefore have gifts sitting in my closet that I, quite frankly, keep eyeing, are jessicakmalfoy  and peacefulwmn9 .  If you want prizes, send your address to

2.  The inside of the big toe on my right foot is NUMB.  As in -  it has no feeling at all.  Like it's had a little stroke.  I'm only mildly concerned.  I mean if part of me is going to have a stroke, the big toe is not a bad option, right?

3. The little boy who plays my youngest son in the play hugged me last night and asked me if he could have a BB Gun for Christmas. 

...  Uh, dude?  You have a mother.

He was so sweetly sincere, though, that I didn't laugh at him.  I looked at the director, paused and then patted him and said, "We'll see."

I have no idea if that was the right thing to do, but I figure that it couldn't really hurt.  *shrugs*

Tags: contest, haiku, i'm old, rehearsal

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