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Fifteen pounds of snot in a ten pound head

I've been sick. I'm taking meds. I'm whiny.


Me. (Blows nose) My nose is driving me crazy! My right nostril is running. I've blown my nose fourteen thousand times today.

Nolan. (Strokes my cheek and smiles softly at me) You've never been sexier than you are right now.

Me. Shut up. I don't really care about being sexy at the moment.

Nolan. Carrie, that is blatantly obvious.


Nolan, my sweet, sweet husband. Mercy ain't his thang.

(He's actually been very sweet this weekend. I apologize to him and to all of you, f-list for oversharing.TMI, Carrie Leigh, TMI.)

And now I'm off to sleep til the snot goes away. You can WILL that to happen, can't you?
Tags: i'm sick

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