Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

My Decorating Mojo

I love to go antiquing. Love it. I love buying something that might have a story attached, that someone else has loved and used, especially if it retains its aesthetic beauty.

I like old stuff. Old, pretty stuff.

And I've had this wall in my breakfast nook, this vast expanse of empty wall that I knew I wanted to do something a little funky with, but still have it look like it belongs with the rest of the house. Week before last, I went to some antique stores on Route 66 (Yep, that Route 66 - As in "Get your kicks on") better known here as Sixth Street. I bought several antique plates, all for $15 or less, and decided that I was going to arrange them in a pleasing manner on the wall in my breakfast nook.

One of my favorites. The Room is blue and yellow, primarily, so this plate was perfect.

I bought plate holders at Hobby Lobby, but instead of hanging them with nails (how boring!), I got these nifty drawer pulls there, too. Half price. :D

Pretty. A little fussy, yes, but pretty.

I got a white one, and some clear ones, as well. None antiques, but very chic, nonetheless.

Then I convinced Nolan to quit killing Nazi Zombies for an hour so he could hang them for me. This was met with deep sighs and grumbling about how high maintenance I am, but bottom line? He did it.

Why didn't I do it? I try to stay away from power tools. I think I told the story of me putting a staple through my finger in college.

All arranged, they look nice. Not too "put together."

The room at large.

And if you don't like this, you certainly don't have to tell me. It made me happy, so I posted. :D
Tags: home improvement, house

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