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New addition to the family... ugh.

Hubby is home early!  YAY!   Which, unfortunately, means there is one less elk in the world.  AH, well.  The things you put up with for love.  I always name the mounts...  (he keeps them in his office, not in my house) and I need a new name for the latest.  (It really drives him crazy.)  The three in there so far are Rufus (deer#1), Clarence (moose) and Archibald(deer#2)...  the boys call them that, too, and hubby puts his lips in a line and rolls his eyes...  I'm all about passive defiance, I am.  Any suggestions for Mr. Elk's new name?

I've finally finished watching the 4th season of Scrubs on DVD.  Can I just say how much I love Dr. Cox?  I wish I could rant like that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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