Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Haiku Contest Winners

Let me just say, this was a hard decision! I identified with so many, laughed and giggled over a bunch, and thought some were just really beautiful. However, it all comes down to my whimsical nature, right? So here we go.

First Prize: It's a tie, folks. Both of these girls will receive a $50 GC to Target (or the store of your choice).

slitherhither 's offering:

red wine you seduce
leave behind morning headache
c-o-f-f-e-e aspirin

maureen 's entry:

morning aroma
savory black liquid calls
sanity reborn

Second prize wins a $15 gift certificate to Target (or store of your choice) goes to the tie between two women who never fail to make me laugh:
mugglechump , for the reference to my nightmare of a honeymoon:

The friendly dolphin
Sweet or just a horny fish?
Newlyweds beware

And mynuet ? Dear heavens. She knows me too well. I also liked her dolphin offering, and the one about Diet Coke, AND the one about about nutjobs and psychos in fandom, but this is the one that won it:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
can eat crackers in my bed
any time he wants.

Third Prize  goes to idreamofdraco, for:

Go on a diet
Give up butter, fried food, sweets
Stomach growls, "Screw this"

And honorable mention?  I liked these:
heyurs for the one about writers, jessicakmalfoy for 'Valentine's Day,' dragonsangel68 for the wedding entry, wolfstar07 for all the lovely verse, peacefulwmn9 for the lake ice offering, and finally, numbaby 's, whose poem is the perfect closing to this post:

Grasp profundity
Wrap it in lyrics and rhyme
Posterity mine.

If you want to claim your prizes (even honorable mention gets something!), make sure that you send your mailing address to my email address:!
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