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Thanks, you guys.

What a great birthday!

I got so many lovely emails and posts  and comments and facebook thingys!  Sincere thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to post or call or sing!  BIG love to the f-list.  I got a DVD of Season 3 of Friday Night Lights from sweet Jessica and a DVD of Sweeney Todd and some really cool, cute measuring cups from Celeste, and two charms for my bracelet ( a converse shoe and a purse) and all four seasons of The Office on DVD from Nolan. 

And my sweet husband took me out to dinner.

We decided to have dinner  at Las Brisas, but neither one of us were really hungry, so we thought, 'appetizers and a bottle of wine, and maybe a movie?' So I decided to get a good bottle of wine.  I chose 1999 d'Arenberg Shiraz: The Dead Arm.  It was on the menu, and it was $29, and I thought, "Meh, it's my birthday."

So they brought it out and decanted it, went through the whole ritual of the cork, and the tasting and the pouring, and then the wine steward came out and spoke to us.

I had half a bottle of wine, so I'm not going to do a word for word repetition of the conversation, but suffice to say, the man had a stutter.  A bad stutter.  And he was using words like "the sexiest wine I've ever had"  and "fruit notes" and "wonderful spiciness."  Nolan said that I was going to hell for all the giggling I did.  He's right.  I'm AWFUL.  But it was FUNNY.

After he left, Nolan and I had this exchange:

Me.  A stuttering sommelier!  My birthday is complete!

Nolan.  (frowns)  Sommelier?

Me.  (explains) Wine steward.

Nolan.  Well I didn't think it was a fancy French word for speech impediment, Carrie.

Then we got the bill.  It turns out that wine was $29 A GLASS!  *faints*  Luckily, Nolan said I was worth a $139 bottle of wine.  


Oh, and the Haiku Contest ends tonight at 11:00! 

Tags: birthday, drama, f-list, gifts, nolan, wine

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