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Superman Needs To Be Stapled To His Pyjamas

 Had a lovely time with friends last night.  Both of our hubbies were out of town, so we got together to let the kiddos play.  (I was not at all horrified by your microwave!)

Aaron woke me this morning at 6:12 a.m. (Horrid time, that) He said, "Mom, I have an emergency!"  It sounded important so I got up.  It turned out the emergency was not being able to find the Superman Action Figure that he slept with last night.  It was less of  an emergency for me.  However, I fixed the crisis (The man of steel was way under the covers) and was unable to go back to sleep.  Was up too late reading...  Perfectly delightful, though, Rainpuddle, thanks.

I'm getting excited about the upcoming holidays!

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...  the Trifecta of American holidays.  All about food.  Oh, right, um... as well as giving thanks and Christ's birth.  

We're going to Annapolis to visit my sister and her family...   I'll see my nephew for the first time (he'll be almost 6 months old by that time!) as well as my little china doll of a niece.  And we'll also be in Richmond, Virginia (to visit Hubby's aunt, ironically enough named Virginia).  Plus a little side trip to D.C.  I'm so excited.  Never been to our Nation's capitol.  And the best part is, it's all right there together!  When you've lived in a state like Texas your whole life where you can drive 13 hours and STILL be in the same state, you get giddy about going to visit several different ones all in the same trip.

Ready for hubby to be back in town.. Single mom status is NOT my thing.


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