Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Cute Husband Story

We spent the afternoon returning Christmas gifts, which consisted mainly of Nolan dropping me at the front door of the establishment, me going in and returning and getting a store credit, and him picking me up again. He was also sweet, putting up with my poor mood, and buying me Taco Villa for lunch (If you haven't had it, you're totally missing out).

The BEST thing about the day was that we got two new universal remote controls for the televisions in the living room and our bedroom. (Ours evaporated into thin air. They were here before we went on vacation and the POOF! Gone.)  Anyway, Nolan and I were having a standoff about who would program them.


Me. You do it.

Nolan. You do it.

Me. I went in all the stores and returned everything.

Nolan. I drove.

Me. I bought all the Christmas presents in the first place.

Nolan. I bought you lunch.

Me. (points at the children.) I gave BIRTH to your SONS.

Nolan.  (sighs and picks up remote)  You and your damned uterus.


Yeah, it was cheap.  It's the eternal trump card, and it works EVERY  TIME.

Thank you to all on my f-list who sent me Christmas cards!  heyurs and lyndsiefenele , seegrim  and dragonsangel68 , thank you for the cheer! And an extra special thank you to caramelsilver who sent me Anne Taintor goodies, too! You're all too, too sweet.
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