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Christmas is OVER.

Can I get a 'heck, yeah?'

I never did hit my Christmas groove; I tried on Christmas eve to scrape up the teaspoon of Yuletide cheer from WAY down deep inside to make cookies with the boys and my visiting niece and nephew, but aside from that, no Christmas baking, no mailing out Christmas cards (they're sitting across the room from me, mocking me) and I didn't send out Christmas gifts like I normally do. Apologies all around. :(

Instead, I shall do a photoessay of the Christmas thing. Click if you want to see. :)

So lyndsiefenele sent me a Gryffindor scarf, and it is AWESOME. So awesome, that my husband appropriated it for himself, the punk. He also said to tell you, Tasha, that he'd be needing mittens and a matching hat. I told him not to hold his breath. ;)

And then Aaron stole it. PUNK!

And then they decided that they could share it. I've YET to get to wear it. But I luuuuuurve it. :) Thank you!

The cookie decorators. That's Lillian and Wyatt, and then the boys.

Christmas eve at the in-laws.

Ethan got to read the Christmas story. He stumbled over 'Quirinius' and 'Syria,' but hey, who doesn't? He did a great job. He's such a good reader. /mom brag

The jerseys we got them for Christmas, looking out over the porch rail at the in-law's place on the canyon

They like football. They watch it while Nolan and I are in our room watching TV episodes on DVD.

Texas Forever, y'all.

In our household, serious coffee drinking starts early.

No, it was water, but this is the same face I make before I've had my first cup. ;)

Hope all of your holidays were merry and all that. Next up? Packing all the merriment back into boxes for next year. :D
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