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*is overwhelmed*

I feel like I haven't been over here in ages. And my f-list activity is all but nothing.

A LOT of crap is going on.

I'm taking a new medicine that makes me yearn for the more manageable nausea of morning sickness, I've been having two or three headaches a week because of it, Ethan's been in trouble at school, I'm in charge of the company Christmas party, finding sitters for the holidays, cooking, baking, making sure that everyone is fed and clean and happy, and I'm also responsible for buying or making Christmas presents for everyone on our list, with the exception of one brother-in-law. And WRAPPING the sons of @#%**@#. (I LOATHE WRAPPING GIFTS.)

I'm exhausted, my house is a mess, the effing tree is tilted, I'm having to come up with new and creative ways to punish my son, since the old reliables aren't working, and HE JUST BROKE MY VACUUM.

I've got two more aprons to make, a crapload of things to get in the mail, I STILL haven't done my Christmas cards, and I AM as cuddly as a cactus and as charming as an eel.

I can't write, I can't tag, I feel like I'm letting people down left and right, and probably what I really need is a padded cell, straight jacket and some lithium. (Or some calming medication, whatever that may be.)

So, thanks to Beci and Urs and Maureen and Celeste for sending me cards and gifts... you make me smile. And I'll give it a shot back just as soon as I paw my way out from the giant load of humbug, fudge scraps and fabric remnants, with the tablespoon of Christmas cheer I have left.
Tags: big ugly rant, christmas, i might be crazy, i'm sick

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