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Nolan's Trip to Haiti

Nolan was changed by his trip; he's always thought globally, but this was an eye opener for how different our culture is from others. I don't even know where to begin. I've cried listening to his stories, and I feel deeply for the people that live there, and continue to try and make a difference. There are pictures under the cut.

They arrived in Port Au Prince, and then had a four hour ride (in the back of a pick up) to the orphanage in Deschapelles. Nolan said that the roads were horrific. Sometimes paved, sometimes not.

This is huge sheets of rice, drying on the side of National Highway #1.

Haitian children

Port au Prince, Haiti. The building beside the rented hall for church. It looks as if it could collapse at any second.

The children of the orphanage. Aren't they gorgeous?

Nolan and a little girl named TiFi, she just learned how to walk this year.

The orphanage's baby bed. :(

The school. The classroom. Those are the desks the children use. Wood is in short supply.

the kids get one meal a day at the orphanage - rice, soy and barley fortified with vitamins and minerals.

This is the kitchen at the hospital Albert Schweitzer.

One of the boys that lives at the AIDS Orphanage, for children who are HIV positive

And just beyond all the poverty is this beauty.
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