Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Sunrise and Cotton Candy

Today when I was taking Ethan to school there was the most absolutely beautiful sunrise.  Truly.  There were dozens of shades of gorgeous pastel colors:  deep blue for the sky with purples, lavenders, pinks morphing into peaches and oranges.  Cumulus and cirrus clouds intermingled, looking like someone had swirled them all together with a spoon.  It was stunning.  It really was.  

I  suppose the sunrise is God's consolation prize to me that I was actually up early enough to see the sunrise.  The boys had commentary for it.

This is what I hear from the backseat.  Keep in mind, Ethan is 6 and Aaron is 4.

Ethan.  Hey, Aaron, look at the sky.

Aaron.  Wow.  

Ethan.  It looks like - 

Aaron.  Heaven.  God is over there.

Ethan.  Yeah.

(silence for a moment, and mommy dies at how spiritually mature her sons are)

Ethan.  Actually, it looks like cotton candy.

Aaron.  Heaven is made of cotton candy?  Does God eat it?

Ethan.  Um, I don't know.  Angels might.  No, probably not.  But I bet they'll have it in heaven.

Aaron.  They have it at Wal-Mart.

Ethan.  Yeah.

Aaron.  Yeah.  It comes in a tub and it's pink and blue.

Ethan.  Mom?  Can we get some cotton candy?

Aaron.  Yeah, Mom?  If we're good at school today?  

And just like that *poof* the moment was gone.

But to their credit, the sunrise really did look like cotton candy.  And I told them I was SURE there would be some in heaven, but I was just as sure that they wouldn't be getting any today.

Tags: cute kid story

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