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Cute Kid Story

It's snowing, and I'm cold and mopey, so I leave you with two cute kid stories.


I talk to Kate, our dog, all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME. Perhaps unhealthily so. However, yesterday I was in the kitchen making dinner, and AJ was sitting at the bar doing his spelling homework. Katie was underfoot, as usual, waiting on me to drop something, (safe bet) and I started talking to her.

Me. (to dog) Hey, sister. Move along. Nothing to see here. (Katie is unmoved) Kate. Out of the kitchen. You've already eaten supper.

AJ. Mom.

Me. Mmm?

AJ. Katie doesn't speak English.

Me. (I really have to think about this one - of course she understands me!) Oh?

AJ. She speaks Doglish.


Aaron is just starting to read well. So this morning, we're in my bathroom, and I'm combing his hair in front of the sink, and he's reading the label on the tag attached to my hair dryer.

AJ. (reads) "Warn children of the risk of death by electric shock."

(Aaron looks at me, obviously judging the fact that I've never 'warned' him about this appliance he's never used. He flips the tag over and reads the other side)

AJ (reads) "Keep away from water - Danger."

(AJ looks at me, purses his lips and scoots everything two feet to the left of the sink, apparently thinking that I've never taken the time to read that particular label, then sighs in resignation.)


I'm SO happy I have a six year-old looking out for me.
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