Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Attack of the Midgets

The boys have been crazy today...  and this is just the beginning...

Hubby left this morning to go run about the countryside this morning.  He thinks about this time every year that there is an elk that needs to be removed from the world.  Nevermind that he has never actually shot one.  He must go and try.  I think that he really likes to go play in the woods, and hunting is a huge coverup.  (A girl can hope)I don't care for the whole 'hunting'  thing.  Actually, I don't care for the whole 'being out of doors' thing, really.  He's quit asking me to go with him, and that's good enough for now.  He says he only tries to get the elk that "smoke outside behind the building and cheat on their wives," but I think he just tells me that to pacify me. =P Secretly, I hope he doesn't get one, no matter how much he wants one.  Like I need a freezer full of elk.  Ick. Hello?  Vegetarian.   And I'm certainly not putting an animal's head on the wall of my sitting room, and quite frankly, his office walls are getting a bit littered with those things.  Anyway, he'll be gone til Next Saturday.  Until he returns, my company is two small, blond-haired, blue and grey-eyed boys both under the age of seven and you people.  So comment.  Give me adult interaction.  Especially you lurkers.  Beth Amber?  Em?  Alyson?  D?  I know you're there.  Reply.  Or better yet, call me!

Hopefully, I can put the house to rights when they go to sleep.  PleaseGodletthatbeateighto'clock.  Yikes!


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