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Cute Kid Story - Bible Style

So Ethan and Aaron went to church with the in-laws yesterday. This is the lunch conversation afterwards.

Nolan. What did you learn in Sunday school?

Ethan. (thinks) We learned that Daniel interpreted a dream.

Nolan. He did? Whose dream?

Ethan. Nebuckanezzard's

Nolan. (muffled laughter)
Ethan goes on to give a scintillating play by play of Daniel, Chapter 2. With different voices for King Nebucchanezzer and Daniel. I was riveted.
Nolan. What did you learn, A.J.?

Aaron. Don't remember.

Nolan. Aaron, you were just there.

Aaron. I don't remember the story, but it was in Deuter-hominy.

Me. Deuteronomy?

Aaron. 'Swhat I said.

Nolan. No, what you said was less a book of the Bible and more of what grits are made from.

Okay. Had to get that out. Now I shall work on my dgficexchange story til it's time to cook dinner. Oh, and the story? 4300 words and not an end in sight. Or a title.
Tags: cute kid story, dgficexchange, drama

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