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Look, no tears!

I went to a funeral today.

And if you can say such a thing, it was the best funeral I've ever been to.

It was truly a celebration of a life, not a mourning of someone's passing.  My across the street neighbor from when we lived on Sunset Terrace passed away on Sunday.  He was a sweet, sweet man, who always had a grin and wave, even in passing.  He was a huge supporter of the theatre, and he was always sitting front row center at all of my shows (as well as everyone else's, I'm sure) and he always had a kind word to go along with that infectious smile.  He made special treats for the boys on every Halloween, and baked an endless supply of Christmas treats each December.  Everyone loved Dennis.  And isn't that how you want to be remembered?  As someone who made a positive impact on people's lives?  I do.  And so I will try to take a leaf out of Dennis' book.

The family had a couple of our theatre friends play and sing Love Song by Elton John, and Let It Be, by the Beatles.  It was awesome.

Dennis will be missed.  Sorely missed, but I'd bet that he's in a much, much better place than here. 

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