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Theatre Spam

I went to the theatre last night, not because I particularly wanted to, but to see a boatload of friends who were in a musical (Sondheim, no less) called Assassins.  It is all about the assassins or would-be assassins of US Presidents.  I went expecting to be properly horrified.  Weird content for a musical.  Instead, I was vastly entertained.  It was a peek into the psyche, and dementia in some cases, of these people who truly beleived they were doing the right thing for the right reasons.  It was also VERY funny. (Have sick , twisted sense of humor.)  I laughed a LOT.  Every time I giggled, the little old man next to me huffed, but I say screw the rich little old theatre patron.  I was there to be entertained.  I had a great time.  Also, the girl who played Squeaky Fromme (tried to kill Nixon) was a former student from when I taught High School theatre.  *puffs up proudly*  She was FABULOUS.

Why was I not in this show?  I didn't audition, for one thing.  And  there was an overlap with Steel Magnolias.  And I don't sing, really.  I've been in over 35 plays in my career and just two musicals (The Fantasticks and Jesus Christ Superstar).  The first beacuse I auditioned thinking there was a mute in that show, and I could pull that, off, surely.  The second because I thought there ought to be at least one Christian in the cast.  I got screwed out of the mute in The Fantasticks by this brilliant 18 year old dancer and ended up playing one of the parents. (They went with Mothers not Fathers, lest you think I played a man.) Like I said, I don't sing.  It was probably the hardest show I've ever done, with my little 8 note range.  It that range, though, I rock.  WOOT.  Stand Back.

Look who's NOT singing.  The Fantasticks, ALT 2005

Still not singing.  Loved my purple costume, though.

Not an attractive facial expression, but the only proof I have that I sang publicly.  Nice cleaveage.  Put those away!

This is more my style.  Full body makeup and a green spot for two hours a night.  Earned my keep, there, I did.  Also did the costumes for this one.

Blithe Spirit 2004

And another thing.  I got the pictures back from the play I was in last month (I was planning on posting some of those, but out of vanity I shall not), and I most certainly do not look 25 (the age my character was supposed to be).  I look every one of my 33 years. (Must start moisturizing immediately)  Also, why did no one (*glares at director*) tell me to sit up staight?  My posture was HORRIBLE.  I looked like some wrinkled, hunched over crone in some shots.   I also look just as fat as ever, despite having lost 30 lbs since these shots above were taken.  Will I EVER be satisfied with my own body?  Perhaps in another 20 lbs.  We shall see. 

The next audition for me will be The Odd Couple.  For one of two British sisters that live upstairs from Oscar and Felix.  Small, buy VERY funny parts.  Will have to drag out my cockney accent and beat it into submission.  That isn't until next month, though, so I'll just be wife, mother, cook, maid, laundress, chauffeur, writer and cheif discipliarian 'til then, which is enough to be getting on with, I think.

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. Rainpuddle wins my music challenge thingy!

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