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So I shall write nonsense.

Five Random Things I think You Need to Know:

1. I sleep with a pillow over my head. My husband grumbles about this: he says that one day I'm going to suffocate myself. I say that if HE hasn't already done it, I certainly won't.

2. On Ethan's math worksheet, when he went to list things in the kitchen that were about a liter, a bottle of wine topped the list.

3. Nolan is going on a mission trip to Haiti, soon. I'm somewhere between EEEK! and YAY!

4. When at Logan's Roadhouse (yuck, yuck, YUCK) for lunch yesterday with the in-laws, Ethan was dancing on a bench, doing a sort of breakdancy move (My kids are a touch eccentric). My MIL says, "Oooh! That's that dance like they used to do in the 80's! That Perry Blaine (Nolan's cousin) used to do... you know... what's it called? My FIL rolled his eyes and said, "She means robotics."

It was all I could do to wait til I got to the car and explode with laughter.

5. My husband found a dustbunny the size of his head behind our bed on Saturday night. Since then, he's not missed an opportunity to tease me about it. Today he said, "If you leave them long enough, they might become sentient creatures and try to take over. We'd have to have Sam and Dean come and take them out." To which I replied, "That's not a whole lot of incentive to clean, my dear."

He told me to get out the vacuum and suck them up. ;)
Tags: drama, ethan, nolan, silliness

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