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The sea really is a deep blue. It defies description. Or I'm too lazy (or tipsy) to try.

I had a good day.
  • I voted
  • I do not, in fact, have skin cancer (YAY!)
  • I made dinner for the family
  • I finished a book series I started in August
  • I spent some time with my husband that reminded me why I married him in the first place.
  • I read all of the D/G at si_muove_rpg . I like them. Period.
  • I read Aaron a book. With voices.

So. I seem to be...

A little obsessed...

With sunsets, apparently.

These are all different days, by the by.

The boat we were on is the biggest cruise ship in the world.  The Liberty of the Seas.  It was frickin' huge

Watching Journey to the center of the Earth (that was my expression most of the time, too, though BF is still pretty).

Today was crazy hair day.

Yeah.  They're crazy, alright.  Sorry about the half-chewed bagel in Ethan's mouth.  Ick,.

Tags: aaron, ethan, picture, vacation

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