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There's no place like home.

I'm exhausted, but I'm home. And despite a two day stint with some spectacular seasickness (like unimaginiable blech - way worse than migraines or pregancy) It was a fabulous time. Best vacation I've ever had. I missed all you online folks like crazy, and will post pictures when I feel less like collapsing.

Things I have to do:

1. Finish story for the dgficexchange. 11/15 (I'm in the 'oh, crap' phase)
2. Rehearse drama for church retreat. 11/14 (Wishing I hadn't said yes to this)
3. Make apron and bag for church raffle 11/14
4. Work on service order for Christmas eve service. 12/15(Hope what I'm planning is what they want)
5. Laundry (Blergh)
6. Clean house (More blergh)
7. Grocery shopping (may be able to pawn off on Nolan - Hurrah)
8. Go through boys' school papers
9. Continue plowing through the 189 emails that I had waiting in my inbox. (WOW)

I think I'd have to go back a billion entries in the friends' list, so I'm leaving that alone. If something really important happened, you'd let me know, wouldn't you?

And I want to publicly thank Mom for staying with the boys this week. It was above and beyond the call of duty, and they look healthier and happier than I left them, even!
Tags: dgficexchange, to do list, vacation

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