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Pumpkin Patch Picspam

So many pictures...


His preschool teachers called him a JC Penney baby. Like he should be in their catalogue.


Little Man.

Artsy shots at the pumpkin patch aren't what they wanted to do...

Brotherly love

GROSS bumpy pumpkins. The ick.

Aaron - searching for the perfect one. He needed it to speak to him.

Ethan needed the one underneath all the other ones.

They still weren't speaking

So he decided to sit and listen.

"Yes? Was that one of you?"

Meanwhile, Ethan's working...

Going to the Pumpkin patch is MAN'S work.

What do you think they were discussing here? They were there for like five minutes.

Although as a rule, I'm against gourds, and especially the ingesting of gourds, but I love decorating with pumpkins. These are called apple gourds. Aren't they cool?

This is the "WE GET A HAPPY MEAL!" face.

The LDS church down the street form my house...

Look at me using the slang...

The quilted wall hanging my mother made me. GORGEOUS, isn't it?

Up close.

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