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Right. Okay. Breathe.

So, I took my first acting workshop in years today.  At the behest of my 'agent.'  We'll put 'agent' in quotation marks 'til she actually comes up with some work for me.

For the most part, it was alright.  The speaker was an L.A. producer, Marilyn Atlas, and she was a strong force, but the class itself?  Not scintillating.  I learned a little about auditioning for film, but nothing common sense would not have told me.  And it was a workshop for teens and adults?  But there were KIDS there.  Like 12 year-old giggly girls.  I really tried to keep the eye rolling to a minimum.  Some of them were extremely talented, but most of them just need to go hang out at the mall food court.  Don't waste my time, or anyone else's. 

One of them patted my arm when I finished a scene and said, "That was so good.  What, are you like, twenty five?"

I... might have sneered at her.  Do not PAT me.  I rocked that little workshop.  Pimped myself, as it were.  My soul is a little sore from being sold all afternoon .

Grah.  Fricking agent.  Acting.  Blah.

So, yes.  Please.  Get me  voiceovers if you don't like my weight, and quit telling me I need to lose a few, or get me a freaking Jenny Craig commercial for crying out loud.  But no more workshops with the preteen set, and if it's all the same to you, come up with more challenging material.


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