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Oh, dear merciful heavens.

So a couple of weeks ago, I agreed to host a party for all of the couples that are going on the cruise in two weeks, with their kiddos.  That's 12 adults, 16 kids. 

I thought, "Oh, yeah.  It'll be fun."


I still have cleaning to do, 4 lasagnas to make, to drag out the vacuum so the rugs can be some semblance of clean, & make beds.

Okay, that's not so bad.  Nolan just went to the grocery store for me, because he is a Godly man who loves me and wants to preserve my sanity.  Of course, he'll inevitably forget something, or get creative with an item on the list and have to make a return trip to the store, but I'm holding out hope, as ever.  I was very specific.  We shall see.

And My SIL is coming to get the boys for the afternoon.  So, all in all, could be worse?

Aaaaand it's a big posting week for Muove.  Lotsa fun scenes.  Some that still aren't finished yet.  Not that I'll be able to do anything about them TODAY. 

Well, maybe.  I am, after all, the queen of the multitask.  :D
Tags: cooking, food, menu, nolan, si_muove, things going to hell in a handbasket

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