Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

Business Trip (Heh, for HIM, maybe)

Had a fabulous time out of town with hubby.

Somehow it's more fun to write with a view of the ocean, sitting in a luxury hotel room (that someone else is paying for) with room service. Bliss!  The novel, a little, too.  Not just the fan fiction which I've been indulging in a little too much.  Can't stop, though.

Where to begin?  We stopped at a great antique store south of San Antonio, where if I hadn't been flying home, we would've tied things to the roof of the car and been done with it.  Hubby bought me two plates, in a blue cabbage rose pattern to match all the Spode in the kitchen.  Am spoiled.  $50 for plates?  Am spoiled.  

Antiquing makes me feel eclectic and rooted in history.  We stopped at a charming antique store in Goliad, and bought books and soaps.    Hubby is very into history (of any kind )so I was very sweet as he dragged me around for an afternoon to look at war memorials and Historic plaques.  Evidently, Texas history goes on past what I learned in the 7th grade

Yes, the 7th grade in Texas is JUST TEXAS HISTORY.  (Well, it's a big state)  Long rant for another day.  Anyhow, There was evidently more to the Alamo than Mrs. McConathy let on.  Learned all about J.W. Fannin and 350 men that didn't quite make it to the Alamo, but met the same end.  And Mexico wondered why we wanted independence.

The trees are absolutely amazing in South Texas.  Live oaks with moss trailing down out of them...  I find the palmetto tree very aesthetically pleasing.  Very.  If I could grow one here, I would.  But I kill things, so I shall not try.

In honor of Alyson, my college roommate, we drove through her hometown of Odem, home of the scrappin' Owls. *gigglesnort*  I saw (a sign for ) the international speedway, Reed's Supermarket, and looked for Jesse's Pronto Quick Tacos, but didn't find it.  Love you, Al.

A new wine...  A CHIANTI!  I felt oh-so-grown-up....Damn it.  Can't remember.  Started with an L and said Finalamente vertically down the bottle.    We ate at an Italian place in Corpus Christi..  Mama Mia's, family owned, very homey, but elegant.  (There's a combination worth trying to achieve) We had a lovely dinner... rigatoni with vegetables and garlic, and tortellini with a mushroom cream sauce.  I thought of Beth Amber several times..  cousin...  personal chef...  brilliant...  Hubby and I had such a good time.  Great conversation and he still makes me laugh after 8 1/2 years.  Fabulous time alone.  Absolutely fabulous. *wink wink*

A sweet wizened old man did my manicure and pedicure...  wan't at all relaxing because I thought the effort he was putting out would give him a stroke.  He was 70 if not older.  We both barely made it through.

Did lots of retail therapy...  same stores as we have at home, but with better selection. (With exception of Ann Taylor Loft)  Actually had sale things IN MY SIZE.  (which, incidentally, in one skirt was a SIX!)  *giggles hysterically in pleasure*

Plus, there was a picture of pomegranates on the wall in our Hotel in Corpus.  I did NOT miss the irony.
 So there was all of that, then I got home to find out that I got a 98% on my second PI Beta test.  Better.  Much better.  Is it sick that I still like to get A plusses?  Probably.  Don't care.  Like it anyway.

Love to all!  

Missed you!


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