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*happy sigh*

The Office ROCKS.

If you don't watch it (and I was a skeptic til this past year, when I got SICK of  jandjsalmon and goeungurl  being all squeeful over something I had no clue about), you totally should.  Put seasons 1-4 in your Netflix queue, or better yet, go to Blockbuster and rent them, and spend the whole weekend in The Office.  I did it at the end of July; I watched it all on streaming video from Neflix, and then I bought season four at the first of the month.  And I think I'll ask for seasons 1-3 for Christmas.

Along with Jim.  :D

And wouldn't you know, during a sort of pivotal, important-like scene last night, one of my kids comes in my room screaming.  Nolan said, "Aaron's crying."  To which I turned to my sweet husband and replied....

I took the first six years with that kid.  JIM IS ON HIS KNEE!  Do you think you could..."

And then I squealed and flailed and completely ignored my family for the next two minutes.

"That kid" is fine, by the way. 

I watched with jandjsalmon  last night.  Or IM convo was pretty amusing, I think.  Maybe it's just me...  I edited to take out stuff I don't think anyone else needs to see.  Though maybe I should put the part about the threesome with Jim back in....  *snorts*  If he ever becomes real, Jay and Nolan are in TROUBLE.  :)

[20:00] Carrie: HHEHEEHEHEHE
[20:00] Jessica: :D
[20:02] Jessica: awww poor pam
[20:02] Jessica: LOL 226 lbs
[20:03] Jessica: I totally talk through tv
[20:03] Jessica: just so you know
[20:03] Jessica: YOGA!
[20:03] Jessica: LOL
[20:03] Carrie: LOL
[20:04] Jessica: oh NO
[20:04] Jessica: she is JUST like Michael
[20:04] Carrie: She IS!

[20:06] Jessica: oooooh
[20:06] Jessica: okay
[20:06] Jessica: :D
[20:06] Jessica: I have a fiance I very much like
[20:06] Jessica: ouch
[20:06] Carrie: he called her half pint!
[20:06] Jessica: I love them
[20:06] Jessica: I am a Dwangela girl too
[20:08] Jessica: I want Holly to stay
[20:08] Carrie: LOL
[20:08] Jessica: way more than just 5 episodes
[20:08] Carrie: I KNOW!
[20:08] Carrie: She's Perfect for Michael
[20:09] Carrie: wikka wikka wikka waH!
[20:09] Jessica: I hate Jan
[20:09] Jessica: LOL
[20:09] Carrie: I do, too.
[20:09] Jessica: Michael deserves someone to actually LIKE him
[20:09] Jessica: not just lust after him but hate him
[20:09] Carrie: true
[20:10] Jessica: plus, Jan has issues
[20:10] Carrie: No kidding.

[20:12] Carrie: She looked terrible!
[20:12] Jessica: TOTALLY
[20:13] Jessica: ha ha ha! she TOTALLY is clinically insane
[20:13] Jessica: Holly's reaction to Angela
[20:13] Jessica: HA HA HA!
[20:14] Carrie: Oh, poor hOlly!
[20:14] Jessica: OH NO! she looked so sad
[20:14] Carrie: LOL
[20:15] Jessica: I love her
[20:15] Jessica: she rocks
[20:16] Jessica: HA HA!
[20:17] Carrie: I loved the video chat talking head
[20:17] Jessica: *nods* poor Kelly. Falling off the scale
[20:18] Carrie: Well, cayenne pepper and whatever does not  a meal make
[20:18] Jessica: no it doesn't. Lemon juice and maple syrup too
[20:18] Jessica: ew
[20:18] Carrie: nasty

[20:21] Jessica: YAY for Phylis!!
[20:21] Carrie: I knOW
[20:22] Jessica: SUCH a sacrifice!
[20:22] Carrie: No kidding
[20:22] Jessica: his goatee is horrible
[20:22] Carrie: that''s a half a lb. right there
[20:22] Jessica: heehee
[20:23] Jessica: I feel kinda bad for Andy
[20:23] Carrie: I do, too
[20:24] Jessica: I hope she feels guilt
[20:24] Jessica: but she SOOO doesn't
[20:24] Jessica: Oh but now I feel bad for Dwight
[20:26] Jessica: SHE has a date?
[20:26] Carrie: No way
[20:26] Jessica: I want some of that cheesecake
[20:27] Carrie: not now that dwights foot went into the middle of it
[20:27] Jessica: so tue
[20:27] Jessica: true

[20:31] Jessica: NOOO WAY!
[20:31] Carrie: I don't like Ryan
[20:31] Jessica: ME EITHER
[20:31] Carrie: He deserves this!
[20:31] Jessica: Ryan the Temp again
[20:31] Jessica: LOL
[20:31] Jessica: totally
[20:32] Carrie: Jim made the list
[20:33] Jessica: it's a pretty exclusive list
[20:33] Carrie: Nolan just called Michael a dweeb
[20:34] Jessica: he sorta is
[20:34] Jessica: *hiya Nolan!*
[20:34] Carrie: he waved
[20:34] Jessica: HEE!!
[20:34] Jessica: Ryan needs to get away from Kelly
[20:34] Jessica: I liek Kelly and warehouse guy
[20:35] Carrie: Me, too
[20:35] Jessica: He doesn't take any of her crap
[20:35] Jessica: I'm impressed with her
[20:35] Jessica: very mature of her!
[20:35] Carrie: It was.  I wonder what her angle is
[20:36] Jessica: yeah
[20:36] Carrie: A HA
[20:36] Jessica: now I see
[20:36] Jessica: poor darryl
[20:37] Carrie: *gasp*
[20:37] Jessica: she looks pissed
[20:37] Carrie: She WAS
[20:37] Jessica: I think bob needs to kick Dwight's butt
[20:37] Jessica: you know - Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration
[20:38] Carrie: Heh
[20:38] Carrie: I do know him'
[20:38] Jessica: I love how they do that
[20:39] Carrie: :D

[20:42] Carrie: Jabba the HUt is on the wall
[20:42] Jessica: Body Image Cellebration!
[20:42] Jessica: ha ha ha!
[20:43] Jessica: I don't know who Michael Klump is
[20:43] Carrie: Sherman Clump is the Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy character
[20:43] Jessica: OOOH okay
[20:44] Jessica: Do you think Ryan will be on for the rest of the season?
[20:44] Carrie: Truthfully?  i hope not
[20:44] Carrie: :P
[20:45] Jessica: me either
[20:45] Jessica: he's a tool
[20:45] Jessica: OH NO
[20:45] Carrie: JUGS!
[20:45] Jessica: Ha ha ha
[20:46] Jessica: OH NO, poor JIM!
[20:46] Carrie: POOR JIM!
[20:46] Carrie: LOL
[20:46] Carrie: I love him so much!
[20:46] Jessica: Me too
[20:46] Jessica: too much

[20:53] Jessica: I think they all should just get naked and weigh themselves
[20:53] Carrie: Guh AJ's bleeding
[20:53] Jessica: oh no!
[20:55] Jessica: OH MY GOSH!@!!!!w'aesl;kfjhi[jrjwr'iohjw
[20:55] Carrie: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[20:56] Jessica: PERFECT!
[20:56] Carrie: It was
[20:57] Jessica: OH NO
[20:59] Jessica: Toby creeped me out but he didn't deserve that
[21:00] Carrie: Poor toby.
[21:00] Carrie: Okay.  I have to give Nolan the comp, now.  Thanks for watching with me!
[21:00] Carrie: Bye!
Session Close (Jessica): Thu Sep 25 21:00:58 2008

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