Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

I did something stupid.

Which, you know, shouldn't shock anyone.

I'm a mom, so not much makes me squeamish anymore; but I'll cut it for those of you who still have weak stomachs.

I was all set to do a cooking blog yesterday.  I cooked a mock thanksgiving dinner for friends (We're having it at our house this year and I wanted to make sure that I could do it).  So I was going to give the step by step on broccoli rice casserole (Some of you are more disappointed than others) and twice mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey, but while trying to get the contents out of a can of cream of chicken soup, I sliced my index finger open on the inside of the second knuckle.

Truthfully, I'm afraid that I should have gone to get stitches.  But as we were having so many people over to dinner,  I didn't want to cancel on them, spend my Sunday afternoon in an ER  and pay our insanely high deductible.  So my Eagle Scout husband (who incidentally, also has a degree in Theatre performance), put some liquid bandage on it, and stuck it in a splint, so that I couldn't move it for the rest of the day.

This morning it's still not what I'd call attractive;  I re-bandaged it and put it back in the splint (a trick by myself) and hope that I haven't screwed up my finger for life.  Until you don't have use of your pointer finger on your right hand, you don't realize how often that you use it.

Like say...  for typing.

Anyway, Nolan actually came into the kitchen and finished helping to make dinner, (which was really excellent - lots of leftovers) and he cleaned up afterward, which was a Christmas miracle in September.  So anyway.  No cooking blog because I was traumatized and whatnot.

And my pointer finger is the one I use to take the pictures.  ;)

Tags: i'm an idiot

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