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"Of Thee I Sing..."

Okay.  I might be an awful parent.  It's almost certain.

Here's the story. Nolan and I aren't big fans of putting the kids in sports.  One, we aren't really sporty-type people, and two, by the time they get their homework done and play for a few minutes, it's time for dinner, and then we spend a little time as a family, and it's time for bath and bed.  So we thought we'd save extra curricular activities for middle school. 

So when Ethan came to me and said that he wanted to audition for choir, I said yes.

Because frankly, I've heard him sing.  A capella, the child is a nightmare.  But in a group or with an instrument, he can hold a pitch, sort of.  I thought he'd learn a lesson about not getting everything you want in life, and that we'd continue to avoid the extra curricular thing.

Not so.  My son is now a member of the Woodlands Elementary honor choir.  And he came home excited and happy, CARRYING BLAKELEY'S PINK CAMOUFLAGE BACKPACK FOR HER. 


So he has rehearsal on Tuesday and Thursday after school.  And evidently a GIRLFRIEND.

And one more thing?  Blakeley's in the honor choir, too.  (And comes in my house after school every day and eats M&M's out of my candy dish.)


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