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Have I ever told you guys about the snake?

I was cleaning house, but I got distracted.

For going on about two years now, it has been a fun game for my boys to try to scare me.  (I should say that I'm very easily startled.  My husband enjoys getting the, "Oh. my goodness!" out of me, too.)  One of the ways Ethan and AJ do this, is to put a toy rubber snake in various places in the house, and then hide and watch until I find it.  I was going to find my potato salad recipe (in the burgundy book on the top shelf, far right,) when I saw him.


You see him too, right?


I also found him here.  Wrapped around a bottle of Blue Cheese dressing.  Looking smug.  And cold.  (Don't look at my icky refrigerator. )

I've also found him wrapped around my shampoo bottle, underneath my pillow, on top of the coffee pot, in the dryer, on top of the VCR, in my bathroom sink, and on the driver's side seat of my car.

It stopped startling me a long time ago, but now it makes me laugh that they choose such creative places to put him.  Sometimes they still hide and wait til i find him, but they've become much more patient.  Nine times out of ten, I put it back in their toy box, and a couple of days later, without a word, I find him in the pantry next to the cereal. 

Boys.  *rolls eyes*

If they ever try to do that with a real snake, though, startled will not even BEGIN to cover it.

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