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Writing Meme

I attempted this last night, but el-jay thwarted me.  I am resilient, however, and sallied forth to persevere through that punk Frank eating my stuff.

1. What was the first fic you ever wrote?

The first story I ever wrote in the wonderful world of Harry Potter fan fiction was called His Girl.  Some parts of it are delightful, while other parts make me want to cry.  It's Harry/Pansy, Draco/Ginny, and Ron/Hermione.

2. What's your most recent work?

I wrote Oaths and Allegiances for the dgficexchange for[info]seegrim .  I also posted aD/Gand a Roger/Astoria today at[info]si_muove_rpg , written with[info]mynuet  and[info]elle_blessing respectively.

3. What do you think you're best at (genre, style, theme)?

I'd have to say romantic comedy- type stuff, with snarky dialogue, with the theme that 'love conquers all.'  Sappy, but I like it.

4. What would you like to be better at?

Oh, yeah.  Can you sing it?  PROSE.  I'm horrific at prose, especially kissy, ultra romantic stuff.  

5. Which of your works do you think best represents you as a writer?

I think...  Noble Intentions.  I wrote it for Pud's contest.  It has a discernable plot and pretty well developed characters, a dramatic structure that kicks butt and some pretty rocking plot devices.  I just thought it turned out really, really well.

6. What's your favorite story you've ever written?

Reclamation Cooperation. I wrote this for the 2007 dgficxchange.  Tha characters were a riot to write.

7.  What's your favorite scene or paragraph that you've ever witten?

I liked the very first naughty Cormac/Pansy at magical_whimsy , and The first Ron/Pansy at si_muove_rpg .  Of course I did neither of those alone.  This other girl helped me.  What's her name, again?  Oh, right.  seegrim .  She's brilliant.

8. What's your favorite passage or line you've ever written?

Wow.  That's tough.  And I thought about it.  I tend to like almost all of my dialogue, especially Draco/Ginny snark.  You should go read some of that over at si_muove_rpg !  mynuet  writes an awesome Draco.  /shameless plug.

9. Have you ever written something that you found really upsetting, that you almost couldn't bring yourself to write?

The Pansy/Vincent at caliga_rpg  was pretty disturbing.  And I icked myself out NPCing Marcus Flint last week, but I find that I really like to torture my characters.  (Ginny and Rose are about to get the smackdown at si_muove_rpg  pretty soon.)  As an author, you know you can change their fate in the blink of an eye, and that everything will be okay.  I like drama.  It makes for good reading.  :)

10. Which (if any) of your works represents a departure from your usual style, you taking a risk and trying something new? Do you think it worked?

I'm so boring.  I write pretty much the same stuff.  Maybe I'll try my hand at dark one day.  But it's the same reason I don't audition for dramas.  I don't want to live in that.  Real life is dramatic enough, and the stuff I write is my escape.  It's what I do for FUN.  Conflict and dark angst isn't especially fun for me.

11. Who's your favourite character to write? Who do you think you write best?

I know they say you couldn't choose, but I totally can.  Pansy Parkinson has been the most consistently fun character to write for the past year.  I started a fic about her, Marrying Pansy Parkinson, and then played her from October to early May at caliga_rpg .  I still miss the Pansy I wrote over there.  I mourned her for a while.  I still play her at si_muove_rpg , but they really are two different characters.  I didn't plan it that way, it just happened.

Ginny's fun to write, too, but Pansy's my fave.  Roger and Rose are good as well.  I love them all, don't get me wrong.  :)

12. Name five things that typically characterize your work.

dramatic structure
plot arc
developed characters
snappy dialogue
crappy happy endings

13. List the projects you're working on right now or have coming up in the near future.

I've still got drabbles from that meme in June, I'm forever working on scenes for the rpg, I poke at my original novel every now and ten, and I have two WIPs at FIA that are in various stages of completion.

14. How do you think your writing has changed since you first started?

I started out writing plays, which is why I like dialogue so much better than prose.  There isn't any prose in plays, it's all handled in the stage directions.   I also wrote a couple of articles for newspapers, so when I started writing fan fiction, I sort of sucked.  I got rejected THREE times at FIA for punctuation.  (Dialogue tags!)  So I went to the library, got a book on the subject, and re-learned what I needed to.  Now I'm a Perfect Imagination beta, and Asli told me in January that I had one of the highest scores on the test ever.  What I've learned?  You're as good as you want to be.  Which is why I continue to torture myself with prose.  I have lots of help, though.  LOTS.

15. Describe yourself as a writer in five words or less.

That is a stupid request.

16. Links to any archives or websites where you have your work.

FIA, or, for those who aren't rabid D/G shippers, Ink,, magical Whimsy, where all of my work with Celeste(whom I NEVER call Cel or See) is posted, and si_muove_rpg, Where I write Pansy Parkinson, Ginny Weasley, Roger Davies and Rose Zeller, and have a ridiculously good time doing it.  :)
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