Carrie Leigh (carrie_leigh) wrote,
Carrie Leigh

100+ things that make me happy

This is the tip of the iceberg...  make your own list.  Makes you smile just to do it!

My Happy list


Fun salad dressings

Having your children tell you they love you out of the blue

Nice internet friends

Someone else mowing the lawn

Getting into a size 8

The smell of the laundry isle at the grocery store

Getting teased by your 6 year old

When other people tell you how great your children are

My ipod

Still being friends with my college roommate

Finishing a project

The way the air smells when fall starts

Quiet libraries and time to spend in them

Mother’s day out

The fluttery feeling I get right before I go onstage

The anticipation of seeing my students

Being able to pay the bills as they come in

Harry Potter Books and Movies

The dog warming up my side of the bed before I get in

A brand new, blank journal

Baking desserts I don’t like

When my 4 year old uses the wrong tense, and then corrects himself

Pretty ceramic coasters

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Brand new computers

Having friends over for dinner

Going to church in jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops and no one looking at you weird

Choosing to have a good attitude when you really could pout

A “babysitter” clean house

Someone else folding the laundry

When every stitch of clothing in the house is cleaned and IRONED

Halloween costumes

Going to my accountability group

Writing plays

Thinking about new scenarios for plays

Remembering to write things down so I don’t forget

Going to the grocery store alone

A new story on

When one of my favorites is updated

When someone replies to my livejournal

Getting non-spam email

Laughing so hard that you cry

Laughing so hard that your stomach hurts, and you’re sore the next day

The boys lying on the floor, coloring their own pictures

When Emily updates her blog

Mom communicating electronically

Unexpected presents

Flowers for no reason at all

The Wizard of OZ

Having a student tell me I’m the coolest ‘cause I gave an assignment on myspace      Preferring livejournal to myspace because I’m old

Date night with my husband

When the in-laws keep the boys overnight

Going and getting Donuts for the boys

Staying in Pyjamas all day long

School Holidays

Snow days

Hot Chocolate with marshmallows

Trivial Pursuit

The Princess Bride

Movies that make you cry

New York City

Shawn & Emily

Emily & Sean

Home group

Daydreaming about my sister living in the same town as me

My guest room being used

Thinking about building a new house

Sewing for pleasure

Learning new things

Making new friends

Going shopping with a buddy


Getting dressed up to see Broadway show

Watching Antiques Roadshow

Having a crush on Tom Felton and having 16 year olds make fun of you

Watching Scrubs and wishing you could rant like Dr. Cox

Reading Zach Braff’s myspace blog

Laughing at something my husband said

Collecting handkerchiefs

Having tea in the afternoon

Having a British pen pal

Laughing at something I read on the computer and having others say,”What?”

Candles that make the house smell good

Hardwood floors

Window boxes filled with mums

Antique quilts

Black and white pictures

The way conversation happens so easily with Daddy

The stack of books I’m plowing through on my bedside table

Not having enough bookshelves for all of my books

Getting a proofed work back with a minimum of red ink

The fresh lumber & paint smell of the theatre

Little Italy

When I can sense the boys trying to sneak up on me…  and letting them

Hearing my kids laugh uncontrollably

Houseplants that don’t die


Forgiving people

Getting a little grace

Sounds of the boys playing pretend in the backyard

The cool dark of the movie theatre

People watching

Being nostalgic

70’s and 80’s music

Have a great weekend, all!
Tags: 100+ things that make me happy

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