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From the Department of the Ironic

Not too long ago, I agreed to do some newspaper articles for the Amarillo Globe Snooze about parenting.  They wanted opinions on different styles of parenting, discipline, family relationships, etc.  I said yes.  I mean, what else do I have to do?  They were supposed to call me and set up a time for the photographer to come to the house and take pictures to run with the articles.

So today the photography coordinator calls me.  He had all the charm of a can of tuna fish, y'all.


Newspaper guy.   I need for the photographer to come  to take some shots of you and your boys.

Me.  (opens datebook a la 'Jane' in 27 Dresses)  Sure thing.  When did you want to schedule it?

Newspaper Guy.  Today.  I have some time this afternoon about four?

Me.  Ummm.  My children are actually out of town with their grandparents until next Wednesday.

Newspaper Guy.  ....

Me.  How about next Thursday?

Newspaper guy.  (more silence)  Aren't you the one doing the parenting articles?

Me. (a touch belligerently) Yeah?

Newspaper guy.  (disbelief evident in his voice)  Alright.  Yeah.  Next Thursday.

It really took a little self-control to not say, "Hey, pal.  This is my first break in at least three years. Why don't you kiss my behind?!?  But I didn't.  I set a time and a place, and hung up the phone politely, and griped to you nice people.

*loves you all*

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